Whatsapp Marketing Services

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WhatsApp marketing is all about reaching the customers you can’t reach without your brand. WhatsApp Marketing only allows you to communicate in a text format of no more than 1500 characters. Other forms of media attachments include 2 MB video, 2 MB audio, 2 MB images, V Cards, and Maps among others. Such a wide range of themes to communicate with makes Whatsapp marketing the most sought-after marketing strategy. The lead generation process through Whatsapp marketing has also proven to be effective given the low investments required. And all the means of communication is almost immediate and direct, as the user responds sooner than in comparison to other forms of social media. The Delivery timing is essentially higher than other marketing activities and the delivery ratio also delivery ratio emerges as 90%. Your content must be useful or interesting to grab the attention of your audience. Incorporating a personalized message experience makes the delivery of your ads easier. Nowadays WhatsApp is also used for WhatsApp Marketing in India and other countries for Promotion. This is the latest trend of Marketing in the world for direct marketing or interaction with friends and family, now in a day, many businesses deal on WhatsApp to view/share Pictures. This is the best option for that businessman who uses Bulk SMS Services or Voice calls. WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application that enables messaging on various mobile platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. It is not even a second but before the traditional text messages, a smartphone user can miss your text message but not you’re WhatsApp marketing message. There is no one in the world who has not heard of WhatsApp. This popular and free mobile messaging service application is a great platform to promote your brand and reach out to millions of customers looking for your products/services. WhatsApp marketing is the first choice of marketers or promoters as it is more accessible compared to other messaging services. WhatsApp marketing allows you to send voice messages, images, and videos easily. We can help you get instantly started!


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