ORM Agency Services

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Online reputation management is the process of evaluating, observing, following and effectively discussing your brand, professional and personal identity on the Internet. At Kat Solutions, we make sure you have absolutely positive content when a searcher searches for your brand, product or service. We understand the importance of positive reviews as they are a powerful motivator that can influence a customer’s buying decision. Our approach includes creating and exchanging information about brands, products and services across social media networks and other digital platforms, providing a complete and in-depth analysis of what our customers are saying.
What is ORM Service?Hiring an online reputation management company will provide you with the following services:
  • Remove deprecated search links
  • Online Review Tracking
  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • Google Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials
  • Find potential positive reviewers
  • Collect and collect positive reviews
  • Manage recommendations automatically
  • Spam targeting negative reviewers
  • Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers
  • Online publication.
ORM services include referrals. Statistics show that 78% of brands are committed to following this strategy. Also called acquired material. Online reviews, social sharing, brand mentions, and content reposting—all fall into this category. This includes favorable press coverage from reputable online publications.
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